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Building A Festive Holiday Candy Board

festive arrangement of assorted fudge, walnuts, and gold jingle bells on white background

As the holidays kick into full swing, merriment is in the air and it's the perfect time to build a festive holiday candy board! Whether hosting a holiday get together or visiting friends and family, this year, a festive (and delicious) candy board is sure to delight many a sweet tooth and add the perfect touch to any party or gathering.

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Hall's Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Love is in the air, and Valentine’s Day is just a heartbeat away! Looking for something sweet to send your sweetheart We have crafted the ultimate candy gift guide just for you.? Choose from a variety of candies that are not only homemade, but also made with extra love for this special day.

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Super Bowl Hall's Candies Spread Guide

Are you getting ready for a Super Bowl party and want to incorporate something other than the normal meat, cheese, and crackers? We have just the right thing for you! It’s time to mix it up this year and feature some sweet candies.

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Christmas Coffee and Candy Pairings

Christmas flavored coffee paired with hall;'s candies pecan brittle for the holidays

Do you ever get a craving for Christmas in a cup? Well, we have all the cozy Christmas coffee flavors just for you! Get ready to wake up to snowy mountains, the fireplace roaring, Michael Bublé blasting on the speakers, and your favorite Christmas-themed coffee.


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Hall’s Candies Christmas Gift Guide

husband and wife sharing hall's chocolate-covered oreos at Christmas dinner

Christmas is right around the corning! Are you starting to stress out on gift ideas? Have no fear, Hall’s Candies is here! We’ve put together the sweetest guide for Christmas gift giving. You can never go wrong with candy, and, even better –  Hall’s Candies! We handmake everything here at Hall’s, so your candy gifts are made with extra love and care. Follow along for our top four Christmas gifts to give to the special people in your life.

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Coffee and Candy Pairings

Are you a lover of coffee and Hall’s Candies? This time of year is perfect for enjoying every sip of coffee with a delicious bite of a homemade Hall’s treat! The following pairings will take your coffee and candy flavors to a whole new level. Hall’s has teamed up with a local favorite, Bell’s Country Coffee, to provide you with the best-tasting, signature coffee beverages around.

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Baking Salted Caramel Cupcakes With Hall's Vanilla Fudge

salted caramel cupcakes with vanilla frosting and vanilla fudge for garnish on decorated boho table

We have something delicious to share with you! Are your taste buds tired of everything pumpkin flavored? Are you looking to bake something new and different, yet still flavorful? Need something for your upcoming Thanksgiving dinner? Or just something to make some tummies happy and full? Join us in our next baking adventure of the most mouth-watering cupcakes!

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Baking Pumpkin Cupcakes with Hall's Pumpkin Fudge

fall cupcake recipe with salted caramel cupcakes drizzled with caramel


Fall has arrived, and it’s time to warm up your oven  and put your baking mittens on! Everyone is looking forward to the perfect Fall flavor – pumpkin –  and, of course, your baking! Let’s branch out with  a different Fall-flavored treat this season  – pumpkin cupcakes and Hall’s Fudge!

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Top Three Wines to Pair with Candies



Let’s be honest… we all crave a night away from the kids for that special, only-comes-a-few-times-a-year dinner party! Whether you’re the host of the party or the one bringing the sips and sweets, we know the pressure of nailing your pairings… so we’ve got you covered with the top three wines to pair with candies! Get your party hat on and dancing shoes ready because you’re sure to satisfy everybody’s cravings with these flavorful combos! Keep the party rolling, drinks pouring, and merriness stirring all night long with the simple pairings playbook below.


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Father's Day Camping Trip


Planning a Father’s Day camping trip for your hubby or son? Well, we have the perfect packing essentials for you. Imagine this… packing for the weekend, taking the scenic route to the campsite, roasting hotdogs over the fire, and then boom… the kids are ready for dessert! But oh no, you forgot the s’mores! So, let’s rewind and make sure to pack the essentials, that way the whole family goes to sleep under the stars with happy bellies.