Celebrating 50 years of family heritage, delicious treats, and kettle quality.

Hall’s Candies was established by the Hall family in 1970 in Gillett, PA. Operations started small when the Hall family began making and selling saltwater taffy on the local fair circuit. But as our product line grew from taffy, to brittle, to chocolates, and eventually to fudge, so did local demand. Hall’s quickly became a local favorite, and for the next four decades, the Hall family sold candy to loyal patrons during the holidays and summer festivals.

In 2011, Hall’s was purchased by youngest Hall brother, Gary Andrews and wife Jeanne Andrews, who established an online store. With a flourishing online presence, operations extended to year-round retail availability and our devoted customer base grew from the East Coast to the West. Now, also growing into wholesale commerce, the Hall family finds their small, family-owned and operated business a nationwide family favorite. Even more committed to our core values of superior quality, premium ingredients, and delicious treats, we remain committed to delighting many a sweet tooth through the highest quality confectioneries. We hope to bring a little extra cheer into our friends’ and valued customers’ homes as we look forward to the next 50 years!


In loving memory of Burt Hall (January 18, 2021): One of Hall’s original founders, Burt was always our “Jack of all trades.” Hardworking and dependable, Burt was faithful to get done whatever needed “getting done” – even if it meant staying up half the night to do it. Whether bookkeeping, candy making, traveling to fairs, or inspecting and repairing company vehicles, we could always count on him to keep the wheels turning. Burt remained actively involved in Hall’s candy making up until his final days and kept everyone on their best behavior with his impeccable work ethic and no-nonsense mentality. In his spare time, you could've found Burt tinkering, building, or welding in his garage, repairing machinery in Hall’s shop, or cracking an occasional joke with a witty smirk. And if you heard someone mutter, “I’ll take a square of the next Chocolate Nut batch,” then you could be sure it was Burt!

Lee & Sally

In loving memory of Sally Hall (May 14, 2020): The other half of Hall’s original partnership, husband and wife duo Lee and Sally Hall, were married for over 60 years, 50 of which were committed to their passion: candy making. For the last half a century, Lee and Sally dedicated every single summer and holiday season to crafting Hall’s delicious confectioneries. They often spent time relaxing with their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and on a weekend, could be found savoring a homemade meal at the local diner. Today, Lee remains involved in the family business, honoring the legacy that he diligently nurtured with his high school sweetheart. He enjoys nibbling on Peanut Brittle – a mutual favorite that he shared with Sally.

Gary & Jeanne

The current owners of Hall’s Candies, husband and wife duo Gary and Jeanne Andrews, purchased Hall’s Candies from the elder Halls in 2011. Serving as the chief candy maker, Gary can sometimes be found beginning the day’s work at the shop at 4 A.M., while Jeanne might be found packing orders, answering customer phone calls, and even adding a thoughtful touch of ‘home’ around the shop. Both are proud to be a part of their beloved family business and take much joy in sharing it with their children. They enjoy living in the country and sharing their now-empty nest with their Labrador Retriever, Sarge. In their free time, they enjoy watching Hallmark movies, taking countryside walks, and pouring themselves into their lifelong study of the Bible. With a sweet tooth that comes in waves, Jeanne can occasionally be found with a piece of Milk Chocolate-Covered Peanut Brittle in hand, while more discreetly, Gary might be caught with a crumb of Peanut Brittle lingering on his chin.


The man that keeps the lights on at the shop today, Greg is the Production Manager at Hall’s. He wears the catch-all responsibility of scheduling employees, managing inventory, and overseeing operations and is claimed to be the best, most laid-back, and even-keeled manager there ever was. Not only does he oversee strategic business developments, product line plans, and market and technology adjustments, but he also can be found stirring the candy kettle, packing a customer order, and cleaning up shop at the end of the long day. He truly does it all. Greg’s hobbies include weightlifting, video games, and relaxing with his family, and though he doesn’t crack often, you might catch him sneaking a Milk Chocolate-Covered Oreo on the chance occasion.


Ryan is the mastermind behind all things digital at Hall’s, including website maintenance, digital ads, and digital analytics. With a background in engineering and programming, and an organic knack for problem-solving, Ryan is the go-to man for all troubleshooting on the technology front. He has a love for strategy, process, and optimization and is often found improving things that others didn’t even know needed improving. Ryan’s pastimes include music, theology, and home renovation projects, and his avowed favorite candy is Milk Chocolate-Covered Peanut Brittle.


The youngest of the Hall clan and newest member to the team, Emilee joined the ranks of her family’s business in 2019 as Marketing and Sales Manager. An artist at heart, Emilee loves channeling her creativity to tell Hall’s story and promote a product that she swears is “the best candy known to mankind.” Coming from Corporate America, she finds so much joy in now being a part of a small, family-owned and operated business. In her spare time, you can find Emilee snuggling her husband, traveling to new countries, and photographing weddings and families as part of her own photography business. She is a chocolate lover at heart and is quite literally unable to say “no” to a luscious square of Chocolate Peanut Butter Layered Fudge.


Self-identified as “the one that got away,” Beth is the eldest daughter of Gary and Jeanne Andrews and currently the only of their children not actively involved in the family business. Beth is pursuing a career in nursing – but during the holidays and Hall’s busy seasons can often be found helping out in a pinch with her speedy services and sassy sense of humor. To this day, she still holds Hall’s record title of “All-Time Fastest Candy Packer” and no matter where her path leads her, Beth will always be Hall’s biggest cheerleader.